Book News! The Future Of Science Is Female

Book Cover for The Future of Science Is Female

Out Fall 2020.

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Early Reviews:

“As Geena Davis says, ‘If she can see it, she can be it.’ By focusing on women working to change the current world, Zara Stone has created an important book. The Future of Science is Female will serve as inspiration- not only to young girls needing role models in science and technology, but to anyone who refuses to let society dictate what they ‘should’ be doing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning about the stories of these diverse ladies who will help to create our future.”- Alicia Malone, author, Backwards and in Heels, The Female Gaze

“If we want to encourage more girls to enter into science careers, we need to show females that this field was made for them to conquer. Zara Stone’s engaging narrative does just that by introducing readers to brilliant but relatable female role models who are using science to positively change our world.” – Colleen Russo Johnson, PhD and Chief Scientist for Dream Studios Inc.

“The Future of Science is Female shows us that future is happening now! Zara Stone will make you want to grab your lab coat and join the women making scientific her-story!” – Kellie Gerardi, author of Not Necessarily Rocket Science