April 23, 2019


A sample of my longform work. 

The K-Pop Plastic Surgery Obsession, The Atlantic

The Rise Of Social Distancing Consultants, Marker@ Medium

The Real Reason It’s So Hard To Order Online Groceries Right Now, Marker@ Medium

The Secret Of Silicon Valley’s Buses, OneZero @Medium

The Real Reason Every Fashion Company Is Making Face Masks Now, Marker@ Medium

Disarming The Drone Gender Gap, longform feature for Buzzfeed Tech

How Drones Are Taking Over Hollywood, Cover story for Drone 360 Magazine

Arming Up: The future of weaponized drones, Drone 360 Magazine Spring 2017

Dronetertainment: The Future of Fun, Drone 360 Magazine Summer 2017

Botox for Performance Enhancement, OZY Media

Cosmetic Surgery For Graduation, The Atlantic

The Rise of Educational Escape Rooms, The Atlantic

The Entrepreneurs Reshaping The Sex Toy Space,  Splinter/Fusion