November 21, 2019

The Future Of Science Is Female: Book Announcement


After months of work, countless interviews, frenzied all-night fact-checking, design consultations, and beta reader feedback, I’m happy to announce that my middle grade to young adult nonfiction book, The Future of Science Is Female, is now available to purchase.

Book Cover for The Future of Science Is Female

The Future of Science Is Female

The Brilliant Minds Shaping The 21st Century


A book that is sure to inspire a new generation of girls in STEM. Educational and inspiring!

Felicia Day, New York Times Bestselling Author, Actress, Gamer, And Queen Geek.

Badass Women Scientists and Entrepreneurs You Should Know!

From saving the oceans to tackling criminal justice reforms, these badass female scientists and entrepreneurs are changing the world.

Take a look at what the future holds–and how women are making it better. In The Future of Science is Female, author and award-winning journalist Zara Stone shares the fascinating, complicated stories of how a diverse group of powerful women got started–from the perspective of those still working it out as they go along. Take 22-year old Dominique Barnes, a female hero of the oceans. She was worried about all the dolphins and whales killed during shrimp farming, so the marine biologist created a tasty, affordable plant-based shrimp alternative. And she’s just one of the sheroes you will discover in The Future of Science is Female.

Real encouragement and inspiration for today’s amazing girls. Forget the “ivory tower” of accomplishment. Learn about the drama, tears, and adventures everyday women heroes face as they race to fix everything the world has messed up. The Future of Science is Female inspires future female founders of the world to turn their dreams into reality.

In this book, learn about:

  • Clementine Jacoby’s Recidiviz, a data-driven platform that helps officials get people out of jail
  • Pree Walia’s Nailbot, a portable printer that prints nail art from a cellphone and encourages girls to join STEM programs
  • Kimberlie Le and her edible synthesized fungi that tastes just like your favorite seafood

“As Geena Davis says, ‘If she can see it, she can be it.’ By focusing on women working to change the current world, Zara Stone has created an important book. The Future of Science is Female will serve as inspiration- not only to young girls needing role models in science and technology but to anyone who refuses to let society dictate what they ‘should’ be doing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning about the stories of these diverse ladies who will help to create our future.”

Alicia Malone, TCM and CNN TV host, and author of Backwards and in Heels, and The Female Gaze

A book that is sure to inspire a new generation of girls in STEM. Educational and inspiring!

— Felicia Day, New York Times Bestselling Author, Hollywood Actress, Gamer, and Queen of The Geeks.

The Future of Science is Female shows us that the future is happening now! Zara Stone will make you want to grab your lab coat and join the women making scientific her-story!”

Kellie Gerardi, author of Not Necessarily Rocket Science

If we want to encourage more girls to enter into science careers, we need to show females that this field was made for them to conquer. Zara Stone’s engaging narrative does just that by introducing readers to brilliant but relatable female role models who are using science to positively change our world.

Colleen Russo Johnson, PhD and Chief Scientist for the OK Play App

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Learn more about the amazing women in the book!

Kimberlie Le

Kimberlie’s CEO of Prime Roots, a plant-based meat and fish startup. She founded the company because she was concerned about the strain those industries have placed on our planet – five square miles of mangrove trees are felled to produce just two pounds of shrimp, for example.

Learn more here.

Etosha Cave

Climate Queen! Etosha’s the co-founder of Opus 12, a Carbon Dioxide Recycling Startup.Her startup recycles CO2 into green plastics and clean energy for Earth — and someday Mars! Her CO2 converter capture factory emissions before they make it into the atmosphere, keeping the planet greener!

More on her work here.

Pree Walia

CEO of Preemadonna and creator of the Nailbot. Pree’s goal is to make STEAM exciting to kids; to use her nail art printer, kids learn how to solder wires, program apps, and use design  software to create art.

Vivian Chu

Vivian co-founded Diligent Robotics, a company that designs robots to improve the future of work. Her first robot, Moxi, is a nurse-bot, and takes the strain off nurses by doing the dirty tasks, letting them focus on the part they love: working with people.

Learn more here.

More coming soon!