May 20, 2017

Video work

This is a selection of videos that demonstrate my video presenting and hosting skills, as well as videos that showcase my work in video production, video shooting and video editing. I have worked with Canon DSLR’s (including T6i, 5D, and C100/C300) and the Panasonic P2 video camera. Videos have been edited with Avid, Final Cut 7 and Final Cut X. My video work has appeared on ABC News, SKY News, Fusion TV, the BBC, Forbes and more.

For samples of my photography work click here.

My video work has appeared on ABC News, SKY News, Fusion TV, Forbes TV, the BBC, Shiny Media and more.

Zara Stone’s Broadcast Showreel

San Francisco’s World Fair, Forbes 

Why Silicon Valley Techies Are Scheduling Sex, Forbes

Trends At The Fancy Food Show, Forbes 

The Top Ten Dogs of Silicon Valley, Forbes

Mermaid Training Camp, ABC News/Fusion 

Florida Booth Babes at CES, Fusion TV

Hurricane Sandy And New York’s homeless    

The Economics of Barbie, Fusion TV

The world of Ear Pointing, Fusion         

Dating Based On Your DNA, Fusion

3D Printing Guns

The following videos are from TV appearances as an expert. I commented on technology and cultural trends.

News of the Day, SKY News

CES Tech Segment, BBC

News Hour, SKY News

New Games for Christmas, BBC

New Beauty Tech, SKY News