May 21, 2017


Hey!  These are a few of my favorite clips.

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Recent Work

The Pandemic Rush On Prison Weddings, The New York Times (Sunday Style section)

The Rise of Cryptocurrency Addiction Treatment, Fortune Magazine

The Women Who Were Branded For Sex, Cosmopolitan Magazine

Inside a Secretive $250 Million Private Transit System Just for Techies, OneZero

Not many women fought California’s deadly fires. We spent a day at the station with some who did, The Washington Post

America Is Having a Plastic Surgery and Botox Bonanza, Marker

Why Insurance Doesn’t Protect Small Businesses From Looting, Marker

Inside the Rise of a Hot New Industry: Social Distancing Consultants, Marker

Fake Tweets, Broken Tests, and a Misinformation Campaign: How The College Board Botched Spring Semester, OneZero

Will Your Cheatin’ Heart Tell On You? Inside the Lie Detection Love Industry, The Information

It’s Bad News, All The Time. Silicon Valley Therapists Are In High Demand, The Information

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Some all-time favorites

My Little Zebra, NPR

When Divorce Was Off the Table, English Couples Dissolved Their Marriages With Beer, Atlas Obscura

The Legendary, Lavish Dinner Parties of South Dakota’s Divorce Colony, Atlas Obscura

The K-Pop Plastic Surgery Obsession, The Atlantic

Disarming The Drone Gender Gap, BuzzFeed Tech

The Kitten Smugglers of Palestine, The New York Post

Rise of The White Guilt Book Club, OZY Media

The High Cost of Lab To Table Meat,  (full version in print), Wired Magazine

The Scientists Who Control Your Brain’s Buy Button, OZY Media

Going To Mermaid Camp, Fusion/ ABC News

The Atlantic

The K-Pop Plastic Surgery Obsession, The Atlantic

Escape Rooms in Education, The Atlantic

Cosmetic Surgery For Graduation, The Atlantic

The Speedy Rise and Fall of Robot Babysitters, The Atlantic

The Washington Post

The annual search for a Black Santa, The Washington Post

Why I ghosted my grieving friend, The Washington Post

The target was a gay nightclub and all of us, [contributed]  The Washington Post

California’s deadliest wildfire is also an air-quality problem, The Washington Post

Not many women fought California’s deadly fires. We spent a day at the station with some who did, The Washington Post


The History of the Silicon Valley Fight Club, Forbes

How The Fidget Cube Made It Into Kickstarter’s Top Ten Most Funded, Forbes

How Virtual Reality Porn Forgot About Women, Forbes

Silicon Valley’s Founder Hounder Problem, Forbes

How Billionaires do Their Christmas Shopping, Forbes

I worked Out In VR for a Month, Forbes

The Wall Street Journal

The Rise Of Social Media Degree Courses, WSJ Digits

In Brooklyn Choosing the Ice Cream of The Crop, WSJ Metropolis

Tomato Attack in Brooklyn at the First Tomato Battle, WSJ New York

The College Grad Who Majored In Networking, WSJ

Social Media #Smackcam: Vine Violence Goes Viral, WSJ Speakeasy

OneZero/Elemental @ Medium

Inside a Secretive $250 Million Private Transit System Just for Techies, OneZero

Tech’s Takeover Of Your License Plate, OneZero

Why Uber Drivers Play Such Bad Music, OneZero

Is it DM or PM? OneZero

How Oat Milk Conquered America, Elemental

Parenting On Pot, Elemental

FemTech Startups Innovate For Menopause, Elemental

Instagram is Boring Now, OneZero

Zoom Is Dead. Long Live Houseparty, OneZero

OZY Media – link to all

Sperm Banks, An Old Side Hustle With a 2.0 Twist, OZY Media

DNA Testing for Vanity, OZY Media

Botox for Performance Enhancement, OZY Media

Live Action Mario Kart, OZY Media

Stopping Shoplifters Goes High Tech, OZY Media

Why Your Dogs Should be Watching TV, OZY Media

The Feminist Cryonicist, OZY Media


The world of drone advertising, VICE Motherboard

The Women Making Overwatch Porn, VICE Motherboard

The Woman Changing Weed Through Stock Images, VICE Broadly

Senior Citizen Showgirls, VICE Broadly

ABC News

Dealing Drugs On Instagram, ABC News

Making Recipes From Young Adult Books, ABC News

Snapchat Members Sue Former Colleagues, ABC News

How to Track Your Boyfriend. If You Must, ABC News


Dating Based On Your DNA, Fusion 

African American Barbie Dolls That Broke Barriers, Fusion

The New Bitcoin, Ethereum, Fusion

Why Barbie Might Be Out Of Business, Fusion

Entrepreneurs Reshaping The Sex Toy Space, Fusion

Instagram Is Still A Great Place To Buy Drugs, Fusion

Theme Park For Kids Or Capitalist Entertainment? Fusion

And even more…

Virtual Reality Haptics Bring Pain To The Game, (full version in print), Wired Magazine

Weird Stuff in Silicon Valley, The Bold Italic (recurring column)

How Revenge Porn Goes Viral, Vocativ

The VR Exercise Lazy Girls Can Get Behind, Refinery 29

How To Make The Most Of YouTube’s Redesign, Entrepreneur Magazine 

What It’s Like To Be A Black Santa, Good Housekeeping

Investigating Fake Amazon Reviews, The Hustle

The Girls Making a Living From Cosplay, The Hustle

Marker @ Medium

The Real Reason It’s So Hard to Order Groceries Online Right Now, Marker

The Real Reason Every Fashion Company Is Now Making Face Masks, Marker