May 21, 2017

About Me


Great to meet you. I’m a freelance journalist and author based in San Francisco, by way of Miami, Washington D.C., New York and London. I write about technology, business, culture, social justice, and everything in between with a special interest in stories about identity, representation, beauty, and subcultures.

My reporting has appeared in The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, VICE, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Fortune, Fast Company, The Washington Post, Drone360 Magazine, Vocativ, the BBC, SKY News, Fusion, ABC News, The Information, and more.

My narrative nonfiction book, Killer Looks: The Forgotten History of Plastic Surgery In Prisons (Prometheus Books, 2021) explores the history of prison reform through the lens of beauty. It delves into the free plastic surgeries offered to the incarcerated (nose jobs, facelifts, et. al) and explores whether the beauty bias is so powerful it can overcome social and economic disadvantages. More on this here.

“Riveting and well-researched…. Graceful prose bolsters this fascinating account. This is essential reading for anyone interested in criminal rehabilitation.” —Publishers Weekly

I’ve appeared as an on-camera expert for SKY News, the BBC and ABC News, and have anchored, scripted, and produced hundreds of videos for various media outlets.

I graduated with an M.S. in Broadcast Journalism from Columbia University School Of Journalism, and my longform Masters’ project on extreme Korean cosmetic surgery trends was published by The Atlantic, who commissioned a follow-up story.

In a past life, I’ve worked as a social media producer for the London 2012 Olympics, starred in a pilot TV show about mobile apps, and had a side gig as one of Santa’s elves.

For KILLER LOOKS book-related inquiries, speaking gigs, or film/TV rights  please contact my publicist, Jess Kastner at